September 6, 2022

How to get Golden Visa in Dubai?

Golden Visas are in high demand at the moment, and Dubai real estate developers are well aware of this.

 Starting in September, developers are planning off-plan launches for investors who wish to apply for the Golden Visa.

Indeed, the longer-term stay will require a commitment of 550,000 Euros, in line with the real estate investment requirements proposed for Golden Visas. Unlike in the past when this amount was over 2 million Euros.

For property buyers, the Golden Visa is an additional level of security they can rely on for their investments.

Help with the visa process:

Developers are already promising to complete all paperwork and other processes once the authorities give the green light to buyers who meet the investment threshold.

With the start of a new season on the horizon, there will be a surge in demand from people wishing to employ real estate assets for the 10-year visa.

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