September 8, 2022

Key Points To Know About Real Estate Investment In Dubai

- Zero interest Payment plan

- Maturities paid on an escrow account.

- No need to have a local bank account to invest

- Possibility to resell your property during construction

- You can make an investment through crypto currencies, cash CB or bank transfer

- Your investment can be made on site or remotely

- You have the possibility to rent your property, short term, medium or long term!  It is allowed!

- Thanks to the 1989 tax convention between France and UAE.

No property tax, no capital gains tax, no tax on your rental profitability.

- The purchase of your property in full ownership for life (freehold).

- You will receive a 3-year resident's visa from 200,000 euros of investment.

- You can make a good investment from 130,000 Euros

- Registration fees are 4%, and no notary fees as in France.

- The average long-term rental yield is 8%.

Fast and efficient buying process:

Study of your project



Reservation of the property

Signature of your contract (SPA)

Your investment must be strategic.

Investment by definition is made with the objective of achieving a sufficient and advantageous return on investment.

Different types of investment exist, but real estate investment, especially in Dubai, is one of the few investments that will undeniably become the best investment you could have chosen for the best possible return.

All of the advantages stated at the beginning of this article, support what I am saying.

The city of Dubai has become an investor's paradise over the last 20 years due to the development of the city 40 years ago.

The Dubai 2040 plan aims to expand and develop new areas of the city that are still rudimentary.

In 20 years the city will double its economic, tourist and demographic growth.

Dubai, yesterday's Eldorado and tomorrow's future city!

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