September 8, 2022

Over $653 million in real estate was transacted in Dubai on Monday.

During the market boom, 568 transactions were reported in addition to 93 mortgage deals and 23 gift sales.

On September 5, there was more than AED 2.4 billion worth of real estate transactions, indicating that the market is still growing.

Data from Dubai's Land Department show that the deals registered on Monday comprised 568 financial transactions for AED 1.37 billion, 93 mortgage deals worth Dh 197.58 million, and 23 gifting deals at AED 858.27 million (DLD).

The sales included 65 land plots at AED 323.78 million and 503 houses and apartments totaling AED 1.04 billion.

22 land plots for AED 32.8 million and 71 homes and apartments worth a combined AED 164.78 million were financed.

There have been multiple days and weeks over the last two- to three-month period in Dubai with more than Dh 1 billion in transactions for real estate transactions. The emirates reported residential property sales totalling AED 1.8 billion on September 1.

Developer of the Palm Jumeirah, Nakheel, has announced the masterplan for Dubai Islands, another of the UAE's man-made wonders, as part of the real estate market's expansion. The five-island project, formerly known as Deira Islands, is in line with the UAE's continued efforts to be a top choice for investors and people worldwide.

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